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Our Services

For Applications

Broadcaster Recruitment

We recruit perfect fit hosts for your application, as we have 5 years of experience in hiring official streamers for Video streaming and video calling apps.


Through the power of digital marketing, we provide promotional and marketing services to our partnered application.

Market Research

Need survey responses from a target audience? Looking for a niche online panel? With survey consultation for brand tracking, concept testing, consumer behavior, and more.

In-App Recharge

Write a short description, that will describe the title or something informational and useful.

Event Managment

After contacting us, our event manager will be at your service to help set up your event, understand your customizations, answer your queries, and ultimately set you up for success.

For Influencers

Broadcaster Full Recruitment

We have a distinguished group of specialized trainers that help you understand the basics of life Streaming.

Broadcaster Support 24/7

We have a highly trained team to follow your performance and provide advice throughout the day.

Content Creation

We have one of the best creative directors in Egypt, who works with a distinguished team to help you choose the hot topics you want to talk about.

Media Production

We have the capabilities that make you one of the most popular faces on social media, we can use our experience to create promotional videos for you and introduce you to social media.

Money Portal

What makes us unique is our ability to transfer your salary in any way at any time.

Influencer Management

Take the time out of managing your influencer campaigns. Our end-to-end influencer campaign management functionality will give you the ability to create campaigns from A to Z.